Real Estate Accounting Services

Transcon Property Services, Inc. and its predecessor companies have been providing a full range of property management services since 1969 and is now offering property management accounting services to portfolio owners, their management companies and condominium associations.

Provide accounting service to maintain control over cash receipts, costs and tenants lease records through property management software system / Ability to process daily transactions while maintaining tenant and lease databases.

Residential and Commercial modules handle simple and complex real estate portfolios / Software designed to accommodate real estate operations of all sizes, whether made up of one site, a small volume of leases or rental units or large inventory of tenants, properties and companies.

Ability to track daily, weekly and monthly activities / Complete audit trail of records is always available through on-line access feature / No limit to the amount of historical data that can be retained!

Compatibility with Microsoft products provides ability to manage data in whatever format needed.

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