Facility Consulting Services

Facility Consulting Services

Facility Consulting Services was founded in 2003 to utilize the skills and experience of a network of independent building professionals to evaluate the efficiency and cost of operations for client properties. Our function is to reduce facility service costs, increase resource efficiency, eliminate waste and in some cases help implement new services.

  • Services are provided at minimal fees and cost savings participation.
  • Being independent of any service provider allows maximum objectivity.
  • Company principals each have over 35 years of facility service experience, in addition to a host of retired experts.


Operational Audits

  • Costs vs. industry standards
  • Service contracts and personnel
  • Equipment & inventory efficiency

Cost Reduction Reviews

  • Identification of reducible items
  • Quality enhancement recommendations
  • Savings analysis
  • Integration of savings plans

Special Services

  • Management of operational transitions
  • Consultation on human resource issues
  • Assist with labor relations & union activity
  • Due diligence


  • Janitorial
  • Landscaping
  • Communication systems
  • Tenant improvements / Construction related projects
  • Security
  • Mechanical/HVAC
  • Energy conservation
  • Parking
  • Lighting
  • Other facility services & expenses

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