Commercial Property Features

Commercial Property Management module includes features and options related to the Lease Abstract. Beginning with the Unit Profile, we can define each rental unit or suite characteristics, including square footage, market rents and special lease or unit types to differentiate between rental income sources.

Graduated Rents (Rent Escalations) System provides for unlimited rent changes during the term of lease agreement. Automatic calculations including CPI, and Market & Fixed Rate increases can be entered with variable frequencies. Leases can specify any CPI Table.

Renewal Options specified in the lease terms can be abstracted to use as part of the automatic “tickler” features in the software.

Percentage Rents are a significant component of most retail management operations. System can capture the reported sales and rental obligations. Compare reported sales from year to year by sales categories and tenant types.

Common Area Maintenance (CAM) calculations are often complex and difficult to track. Through sophisticated Excel spreadsheets we have developed a system that track year-to-year expense, calculate estimated expense for billing and year-end reconciliation.

Insurance Requirements specified in a lease document can be specified individually with binder expiration dates to keep us up to date on lease and tenant requirements for coverage.

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